Hackney Downs Studios Visit

Today, we visited the Hackney Downs Studios in order to gain a better understanding of studio work and how different people manage their own, as well as shared space. We were able to see three different studio spaces, all different in various ways, from open, tidy spaces, to more occupied, individual ones.

The first studio we visited was called “LUNE”. It was a prop design studio, where the designers were currently working on a window display for a diamond store in London. It was very interesting to find out that, even though the designers were working on window display, none of them actually studied anything that I would particularly connect with the job they were doing. One of the women we spoke to studied architecture whereas, the other studied textiles. It allowed me to see that studying something specific doesn’t actually limit you to stay in that field for the rest of your life.

Also, their studio was quite open and well organised. Although  there was a lot of different things all around the place, the mess was almost creative, which I personally think added a unique touch to the place. The place did look a lot like a prop design studio, with models/pieces hanging on the walls.

The second studio was a much bigger space, which actually included 38 smaller spaces where individuals from different areas were working . It was very fascinating to see so many different things in one place. However, I personally would find it hard to work in such a closed up, busy place. I love the idea of being able to see the works of others as it could be very inspirational, but the place was just a little too crowded and messy.

Finally, the last space we visited was a graphic design studio which was completely different to the other ones. Not only was it a space with massive windows, which allowed the studio to have perfect light, but it was also very well organised and tidy. It was clear that the space was in fact used as a graphic design studio partly because of the pieces hanging on the walls.


Overall, I think that the visit to the Hackney Downs Studios was very helpful and engaging. It allowed everyone to gain a better understanding of how we as a class, can make our studio space at The Cass function effectively. As well as, how to make it comfortable but, at the same time productive.


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