Critical Design Thinking 

What is beauty? Everyone has a different interpretation of it. However, nowadays many young women think that makeup is the key to being beautiful.

Not many however, know where their makeup products come from. A lot of the makeup companies (Mac, L’Oréal, Ester Lauder etc.) test on animals, and women, some unintentionally, actually support the companies by buying their products.

The Mac company itself doesn’t test on animals, but the products and ingredients they use are being tested on animals in China. This is probably due to animal testing being banned by the EU in 2013.Therefore, makeup organisations began to import their ingredients from abroad.

Animal testing is much cheaper than methods such as trails using human cells, computer modelling techniques or studies with human volunteers.

This makes me think, since most of us are using these products and are supporting the growth of these companies, shouldn’t at least some of the profits go into alternative methods rather than more and more cruelty?

So if you are one of the people that define them self as beautiful because of their makeup, think again. You’re beautiful no matter how good your makeup is, or how much of it you wear. Maybe if more of us believed that, less animals would be hurt in order to fulfill the world’s idea of beauty?


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