Critical Design Thinking 2/2 

​In today’s core rotation workshop, we worked on developing our ideas for a fanzine. 

Fanzine is a type of a magazine that’s usually carefully designed and often hand made. Fanzines used to be very much collaged and photocopied. Not only designers designed the Fanzines, anyone could do it.

I began with working on designs that could be used as a front cover. The theme of my fanzine is ethics/aesthetics which I’ll focus around makeup companies and animal testing. In my previous post regarding this issue I explained how companies such as L’Oréal or Estee Lauder import their ingredients from countries outside Europe such as China, where animal testing is still legal. (EU banned animal testing in 2013)

I want my fanzine to make people think. Is having longer, thicker lashes worth killing an innocent, little rabbit? 

The next step in my research is looking at typography and what kind will be best to express the issue. 


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