Critican Design Thinking Homework

Christina Papagianni

Image result for about christina papagianni

I truly adore the work of Papagianni. She’s an artist whose main focus is portraiture. All of her pieces are truly remarkable. All of her works are almost photorealistc.She really influences my work because, I myslef love to draw people and use coloured penicls as a medium, which is what Papagianni also uses.

Jessica Walsh/Stefan Sagmeister

Image result for sagmeister and walsh

I find thier work very interesting and unique. Walsh, a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Direcor; Sagmeister a Typographer and Graphic Designer. Both form an amazing team with work that is truly inspiring. I love how they both include not only people, but also objects in thier pieces, the typography is what’s so different and interesting about their work.

Glenn Jones

Image result for Glenn jones work

Jones’ illustartions are quite simple, but very captivating all at once. He uses soft and calm colours and his technique is pretty straight forward, which I think is what makes his pieces so interesting.

Marc Aspinall

Image result for marc aspinall work

His illustrations are not something I personally get inspired by. His style is quite messy and all over the place. The colours used on some of the pieces blend in with eachother, making the whole illustration hard to understand.

Ryan Putnam

Image result for ryan putnam work

Putnam’s approach to his work is fun and straigtforward, his goal is “to combine craft with fine art and the principles of design.” His illustrations are simple and inspiring. The colours he uses for most of his illustrations are very smooth and bright, making them satisfying to look at.

Dave Mott

Most of Mott’s illustrations are very happy and cartoon like. I love his style because it reminds me of my childhood. His work is also very inspiring as he uses a popular technique but somehow makes it unique.

Jeremiah Shaw

Image result for jeremiah shaw

Shaw’s pieces are very interesting as he uses many different design formats. From mobies design to Branting, web design, print design and illustration. What I aslo really like about his work is that he mainly focuses it around nature. With his technique, he shows it in a different perspective than other ilustrators.


Image result for lakwena art

Her work very motivating. I think that the bright and bold colours she uses for her work make the messages shes trying to send more powerful.

Jenny Holzer

Image result for jenny holzer art

This is the complete opposite of the work by Lakwena. Unlike her pieces these are completly black and white. However, despite the lack of colour they’re are equally, if not more powerful.

Jon Contino

Image result for jon contino

What I really find influenncing about his work is that all text used in his pieces is actually hand drawn. His style is quite simple and mostly inspired by New York Street Art which makes his work unique and personal to him.


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