Review week

As the Core Rotation workshops came to an end, we got a chance to review all of the work we have done in the past 3 weeks and reflect upon them in class. This was very helpful as we got to see what other people have done.

We were also asked to answer some questions regarding the work and the core rotation workshops.

What is the best thing/skill/fact that you learnt from each core workshop?

There are many things I’ve learned during the core rotation workshops. For the Critical Design Thinking I’ve learned that there is much more to design and illustration than just visual aesthetics.

Mark Marking is something I’ve done many times before so I can’t say I learnt anything new, but I definitally improved my skills when it comes to collage which Im very excited about.

The CS package was the hardest for me to get my head around. However, I gained a bigger understanding of how to use photoshop and will definitally want to learn more in order to improve my skill set.

What was the most difficult task you had to do?

Using photoshop is probably the thing I struggled with the most. I’d love to be able to use it properly but I never really got a chance to learn. Im very excited about being able to, hoprfully learn soon.

I also found it really hard to manage my time with all 3 workshops. Im a person that usually spends a really long time on one thing, which is something I most definitally have to work on.

What was the most useful thing you learnt?

I now realise that it’s very important to do as much work as possible along the way, rather than levaing it for later. Also, to use every spare minute I have to do at least a little bit of work so it doesn’t pile up, and that way it won’t be rushed.

What do you want to do more?

I want to say that I want more portraiture drawing like we did in markmaking, or drawing in general. However, I relaly want to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, so Im pretty excited about what this year brings.

What was the most interesting practicioner you researched and why?

The illustations by Glenn Jones really grabbed my attention when i was researching practicioners for the Critical Design Thinking workshop. His illustrations are very simple and beautiful. His pieces are pretty straigth forward which i thik is what’s making his work so unique and interesting. Image result for glenn jones work

What are you the most proud of?

So far im mostly proud of my calligram book, it’s a work in progress. At first I found it very hard to actually understand what the project was about, when I realisted it was about illustrating the poem ‘London’ by William Blake, but using images made out of words i instantly had an idea in my head of how Im going to do it. So far i’ve only don tfew pages which I’ll scan into the ccomputer in order to work on them digitally.


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