10 meter collaboration drawing 

In today’s drawing workshop we ended up with two 1o meter collaboration drawings that involved the whole class. 

The workshop was really fun and allowed us to express ourselves more freely than the other workshops. Firstly we were asked to do two A1 drawings using the observation drawings from the museum of childhood and the Hunterian. We developed the rough sketches from the trip using either charcoal or ink.
For my first 2 developments I decided to use charcoal and play around with it. I love using it because it allows me to create nice and smooth tones. It’s also very easy to move around which makes it even more fun to use. 

When creating the 10 meter collaboration drawing, I decided to work with ink. I wanted to create a bigger, more powerful drawing. I chose to work on my sketch of a troll from the museum of childhood. I zoomed in onto his face to focus more on the part around the eyes. This made the troll look rather creepy. 

Overall I really enjoyed this workshop and I actually can’t wait to see what I can create for the final outcome. 


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