Mark Making/ Artisits

Hannah Hoch

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Her work challenged the position of women in the 20th century which makes her pieces powerful and engaging. What I like about her work is also the fact that she uses collage to create abstract portraits. I think it’s quite hard to be able to create a portrait that looks distorted but makes sense at the same time.



Jess Trece

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His works are very simple but at the same time surreal which is what attracts me to his pieces. He uses magazines as well as books to create his collages. He often uses images of children and space in order to create a unique persepective on everyday life.

Annegret Soltau

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What really attracted my to her work is the fact that she uses photographs of her face and body and creates quite disturbing, abstract pieces by combining the images. Using black thread she mades the pieces look painful. On one hand I like her work because it’s so different and unique, but on the other hand the work work looks too painful.

Karel Martens

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Martens combines all of his favourtie aspects of graphic design to create his prints. He uses tyography, shapes and colour to combine them all together in order to create unique and fascinating pieces. What’s really interesting is that some of his designs were made simply by finding objects on the side of a road.

Ian Wright

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I really like this specific piece of work by Wright because its simple, with barely any colour, but somehow looks colourful. I also really like the technique used for this collage. This collage inspired my final piece for the mark making workshop where I used ripped paper to create an A3 portrait.

Tracy Templeton

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Photo intaglio bridged with traditional and digital drawing methods embraces the foundation of her work. Her pieces are very photorealistics and attention grabbing. The strong contrast between dark and light areas of the prints make them very effective.

Jenny Robinson

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I find her prints very powerful. None of them send any particular message but somehow, the way she works create strong and unique prints. Most of the Prints are very dark and almost mysterious. I think that’s the reason I find her work so captivating.





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