Drawing workshop/Practitioners

John Berger

Image result for john berger artImage result for john berger art

I really like his style of drawing beacuse he created very simple and amazing pieces using line and quick strokes. What’s also really beautiful about his work is that his it’s in black and white because it’s easy to tell his style and see how all of his peices work together.

Milton Glaser

Image result for milton glaser work

I find his pieces remarkable. He uses silhouettes to create portraits and adds colour to show the person’s personality. For example the image shown above shows The Barbie Doll. If the piece was only a silhouette it would be hard to see who the artists is trying to portray, but with the addidtion of colour and the composition of it we can clearly see that it is infact Barbie.

Jean Dubuffet

Image result for jean dubuffet

Personally I find his work really hard to understand. I can’t really see what he is trying to portray. However, I really like his use of colour in this particular piece because I think that by limiting it to only two colours works quite well with this cmposition. If he added more colour to a piece that is already looking messy, it wouldn’t work effectively.

George Grosz

Image result for george grosz drawingsImage result for george grosz drawings

I love how simple his drawings are. The simplicityt of them create a unique set of drawings. His drawings represent the critique of society in Berlin during the 1920’s and I feel like some of them are almost caricature like.

Ralph Steadman

Image result for ralph steadman art

His work is very expressive which I think is making his pieces relaly unique and attention grabbing. Most of this work is really creaapy and in a way painful but for some reason i really like the way he works.

Jack Kirby

Image result for jack kirby artImage result for jack kirby art

I always wanted to learn how to draw comic books which is why I find Kirby’s work thrilling. The colours he used on specific drawings represent the mood he was trying to set. For example the first image shows superhearows ready for battle, therefore the colours used are bold, warm and powerful. The second image feels cold and unsafe which is also represented in the yellow and blue tones.

Rafael Grampa

Image result for rafael grampaImage result for rafael grampa

A differen, more modern take on the comic book illustrations. I love the fact that these illustrations are less controlled, even after the whole illustartion is completed and full of colour we are still able to see all the strokes and lines that went into creating the drawing.

Kim Jung Gi

Image result for kim jung giImage result for kim jung gi

These illustrations are breathtaking. All the detail that is put into each of his drawings is incredable. He mainly focuses on line drawings and sticks to working with a black fine liner pen.





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