To be honest I don’t know much about photography or what makes a good picture. My aim by the end of this workshop is to have a bigger understaning of what a good photograph is and what is imprtant in order to achieve it. This post shows some of Photography Practitioners’ work that I find amusing.

Helen Chadwick

Image result for helen chadwick photography


Lucas Samaras

Image result for lucas samaras photographyImage result for lucas samaras photography


Jon Kaplan

Image result for Jon kaplan photography


Thomas Joshua Cooper

Image result for thomas joshua cooper photographyImage result for thomas joshua cooper photography


Anne Leibovitz

Image result for Annie Leibovitz


Steve McCurry

Image result for Steve McCurry


Anne Geddes

Image result for anne geddes newborn


Jerry Uelsmann

Image result for Jerry UelsmannImage result for Jerry Uelsmann


Sebastiao Salgado

Image result for Sebastião Salgado


Michael Kenna

Image result for Michael KennaImage result for Michael Kenna







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