Screen Printing day 2

For the second day of screen printing we were asked to get into groups in order to create a zine that contained prints of sketches that we have done over the Christmas break. We photocopied all the work that we, as a groups wanted to include in our zine.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, glasses, close-up and indoor


We decided that we wanted to make our prints very rich in colour so we ended up mixing our own colours in order to make the zine more unique. Also, we agreed to use more than one colour at a time so our prints came out full of warm and happy colours which is what we aimed for.

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This workshop was one of the messiest we’ve done so far, but I can honestly say that Im really happy with the work that we have produced as a group. We’ve worked together to create a colour sheme and prints that will stand out from eveyone else’s. Not all the colours that we wanted came out on the prints the right way, but that showed us that sometimes even mistakes can come out great. This allowed me to learn that all work that we do, even when its unintentional, can still come out amazing and unique.


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