The Petticoat Reporter; Jack the Ripper

Image result for jack the ripper newspaper

I began my research for this project by looking at the architecture of the area surrounding the university. However, I felt like there wouldn’t be much I could do with that. I remembered one of the teachers talking about the Jew population in East London in the early 20th century and thought it was quite an interesting topic. I did some research into this and came across many interesting facts about this subject. However, one thing that really grabbed my attention was one article that stated that a Polish Jew that was one of many that migrated to East London at the end of 19th century, was no one other than Jack the Ripper. Whereas another article suggested that the killer was linked to Prince Alber Victor. Of course, I don’t know if any of these articles are correct, but this made me really want to research that story further.



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