Petticoat Lane Project; Risograph Workshop- Practitioners

The Riso Printing technique is a thrilling and amazing process. Much like the screen printing process it involves using a single coloured ink at a time. This allows to take on much more careful approach as it requires overlapping if more than one colour is included.

This Blog post includes work of some of the riso printing practitioners who’s work I find amusing and engaging. Most of the practitioners I chose to include in this post use really happy and bright colours which is why I chose to look into them.


Cass HotHouse; This is a new area of the visual communication course at the London Metropolitan University that enables students to see the dofference between design education and the industry that follows. This are of the course is placed outside the curriculum but still feeds into in as it allows students to learn more about their future in the design industry. The hothouse part of the course allows studnets to learn by designing, creating anf publishing on regular basis.



Hato Press; This is an independent risograph printing press which is mainly interested and passionate about self-made zines and experimental prints. 



Ditto Press; In only 3 and a half years the Ditto Press has became London’s biggest Riso print publisher. The company is most likely the only print publisher to win a literary award for aurhor Duncan Fallowell’s memoir.



Nous Vous; The Nous Vous Press was established to explore a holistic and multi disciplinary practice through illustration, story telling, image making and writing.  The company’s aim is to show an inquisitive and playful attitude towards learning and creating by publishing artist’s books, poetry etc.





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