Petticoat Reporter publication 1st draft

This is my first draft of the petticoat lane publication. My focus for this project is about the Victims of Jack The Ripper. I drew the images of the victims as well as the area of their murder using a fine liner pen. I worked on the drawings digitally afterwards to straighten the, up and put them together so that everything is ready to print. Before I sent the illustrations to print I hand drew that type in order to make the work more personal. I created the type by combining my own handwriting an19th-centurytury font. I think that worked out really well. However, I intend to work on the illustrations more as I don’t feel like they are done to my full potential. Also, I do need to work on how I fold the paper and create the final publication because after the book is folded some of the pages don’t Aline and stick out.


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