Sound, Set & Action; Art Direction workshop

For this workshop, we were asked to bring in props that we could use to create a 3D animation. I really struggled with this workshop at first because the idea I have for my animation is very 2D as I want to develop it all using a digital illustration. However, with the support from one of my teachers I realised that I could learn art direction by playing around with my illustrations and photocopying them in different sizes to then work with them using collage. With the help from my teacher, I photocopied my drawings countless times and blew some of them up so that it was hard to tell what the image even was. I really loved how those came out because the images created nice patterns and colours that I originally didn’t see on my illustrations.

The outcomes are quite simple but I love how they turned out. Putting the same images on top of each other but using different sizes and ways of combining them is an interesting way of working. It creates so many possibilities that allows thinking about how much a person can do with one image.

Below are some of the outcomes from this workshop.


One comment

  1. Good reflection. It’s always worth trying another method/process as that will open up the world to a whole new way of working/thinking! Keep trying stuff and you’ll never know what incredible stuff you’ll achieve.


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