Sound, Set & Action; typography experimenting

After a lot of thought and experimenting with illustration for this project, I decided to focus my animation around type. At first, I really wanted to work with drawing and make the character move. However, after many experiments and a few short animations, I realised that the way I wanted to go wouldn’t work well for this project.


I experimented with a number of different typefaces in order to see which one would be good for the final animation.

Firstly, I chose 4 different typefaces and used them to see wich one suited the title of the song I chose the most. I think that all 4 of these typefaces work quite well with the song. However, I wanted to experiment with type even more, therefore, I decided to create my own typeface. I chose to create a bold, strong and at the same time sample typeface where I also included shapes in some of the letters to promote the idea of what the song is about. However, after working with this typeface for a while and creating different layouts, I realised that this is not the typeface that I want to use in my final animation. This is mainly because I feel like the animation should be created using a simpler and more handwritten typeface, that will portray the idea of the song being written especially for the person it is about. Therefore, I decided to use my handwriting but also combine it with a typeface used on the cover of the album the song is from. 83


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