Visual words: typography letterforms workshop

During this workshop we had a mini lecture on how to use typefaces that appropriately represent the text. Although it is an obvious thing that some typefaces don’t suit certain texts, the lecture was still very interesting and educational. 

In the second part of the workshop we were asked to work on a word that we were assigned, using masking tape to create the typeface. The idea behind this exercise was to represent the word using type. The word I was assigned was natural and honestly, I struggled a lot with it as that probably was the hardest out of all the words the class was given. However, despite not really knowing what to do with the tape, I worked with it and came up with a typeface that in some way represents the word natural. I decided to create letterforms using one strip of type that I arranged in a way that looked like the letters were formed naturally. It might not be the best outcome but this was a really quick exercise that allowed us to understand typefaces and their purpose better. 


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