Visual Words: Placards development/improvements

This project was a very challenging but at the same time very educational one. Typography is not something I usually do, in fact, I try to avoid it as much as possible because I don’t think it’s something I’m good at. This project, however, taught me that type can be as fun to create as any other form of visual communication.

I have created 3 placards that aim at everybody and I believe motivate and inspire people to make things happen. 

For my first placard, I decided to make something that simply states MAKE IT HAPPEN. I think this slogan is a very good and simple was to inspire people to make their dreams come true. Anyone can take it personally and apply it to anything that is happening in their life at the time. IMG_0756I wanted to use these specific colours because I was determined to create the type in yellow.I think that this was a good choice because yellow is a happy and bright colour. At first I was going to leave it on a while background, however, the type didn’t stand out enough. This made me think about opposite colours which I actually decided to apply into all 3 placards.

The next placard reads AIM FOR EQUALITY. I created this slogan because I was inspired by all the things we hear about on the news. The world is in a very bad and unstable place right now where race/religion equality is something we should all aim towards.IMG_0761

I created the type in red in order to represent the pain that is currently being spread around the world. I put it against a blue background which represents hope.

The final design reads ACT TODAY FOR A BETTER TOMORROW. At first, I wanted to include the globe in this design but after further experimentation and research, I decided to focus on one particular part of the world which is mostly affected by war at the moment. IMG_0760

The idea behind this design is the war affecting Syria. The type is designed in a shape of the Syrian map in order to represent it without using any images. I used the colour green to create the typeface, which represents earth. The background was chosen in order to make the text stand out and show that there we need to be optimistic and do everything we can to make tomorrow a better day. IMG_0759


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