Week 3: Creative Industry Practice. Introduction to Accelerator.

During today’s session we were introduced to Accelerator by one of it’s members.

We were shown everything that Accelerator does for it’s clients and after the presentation we were able to work in our groups on developing our brand. 22552862_1716351711731591_198041247904311967_n

Overall, todays session was very intense and successful. As a group we decided on a lot of things for or brand. We settled on a name ( Illuminate) and a slogan ( Ignite Create Generate). We also settled on an idea for the logo. We decided to use a shell and a pearl as the basis because the shell represents our university, whereas the pearl represents the students. Also, we decided on the slogan based on the idea of a pearl. When a pearl is created in happens in 3 stages, so our slogan is showing 3 stages of working on a project in university. IGNITE stands for the idea, CREATE stands for the development and GENERATE stands for the end product.


Week 3: Typography & Design Principles workshop.

Today we’ve had another typography core rotation. The session we very similar to one that we had last year. During this workshop we had to once again create a poster using Adobe InDesign.

The task was to pick a typeface and create a poster which would show different aspects of the font and explained a little about it.

Overall, I did not enjoy this workshop as much as I did last time because I think we should be able to do a little more with typefaces than just play around with them on the computer.

Below is the front and back page of the poster I created during this session.



The second part of the day was completely different to the morning session. In the afternoon we had another core rotation workshop (Design Principles) and although it was a less creative workshop that required more discussions I think that it was more interesting and useful than the typography one.

During the workshop we got a chance to work in groups and discuss different design principles in a variety of different companies which was very useful because most of us never though about the principles in the way we were asked to in this workshop.


Week 2: Making a GIF

In today’s session we had a GIF making workshop. First of all we did quick exercises with stickers and frames in order to understand how things move within a frame. 22308890_1710368642329898_2596384162426255975_n

After we experimented with a few different possibilities we were asked to create drawings that we later on used to make our own GIF.


I decided to use a drawing that I have done previously to create my GIF. I drew it out in 6 frames making small changes in each frame. The end result is very simple but I really like it anyway.




Week 2: Tate Modern

As a part of our Critical and Contextual Studies module, we went out on a trip to Tate Modern to see a few exhibitions. One of the exhibitions we looked at was by Suzanne Lacy which engaged in the performance addressing the cultural invisibility of older women and celebrating their life experiences.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 19.53.01

I think the exhibition was quite interesting as the message it was trying to send is very sweet and fascinating. However, the exhibition was created in a way that doesn’t really let the viewer stand there for long to admire the pictures or the movie that was being shown as the room is quite small.

week 2: Creative Design Practice (Brand Analysis)

In today’s session we had a chance to collect primary research such as business cards, product labels, menus, promotional literature etc.

After spending around an hour collecting the materials in middlesex street, we were asked to talk about what we have found in our groups. We discussed whether the branding materials we collected were luxurious or not, and how different businesses market their products differently depending on whether they are a big, successful, brunched out business or independent ones.

I think this exercise was very helpful with our project because it showed us what the differences are between successful marketing techniques are to these less successful ones.

Week 1: Give&Take Studio, Briefing.

Today we were introduced to our studios and the first projects. I got into the Give&Take Studio which was my first choice so I’m really excited! The Give&Take Studio is an Art Direction, drawing and photography practice which I love because there are so many different things in one studio.

In our first session, we created letters that formed the name of our studio using different methods. It was a very simple and quick exercise but I think it was quite good as it allowed the class a bit more freedom to get to know each other.  After everyone was done with creating their letters we organised them all and stuck them up on a wall in our studio to make it more personal.


Week 1; Creative Industry Practice, Briefing.



In the first session of the creative industry practice, we were introduced to our first project ‘Market Ready’. This project is a group project and takes up 25% of our overall grade for this module.

In this project, we have to work in a group and create a product for a client that we will then have to present and sell to them. If the product that we designed gets chosen by the client, we get a chance to make it and sell it at a Christmas market.

I really enjoyed our first session because we were able to talk to two members of a design agency about our project and how to get started. Also, I think it’s a great thing that we are able to work with industry people so early into our degree as this will give us experience and better opportunities for the future.


Week 1; Looking Back & Forward.


During our first session back after summer holidays we were asked to work on our blogs and think about our first year of university. Some of the thinks we were asked to consider were;

‘What were you most proud of achieving last year?’

‘What do you want to improve on?’

‘What specific tools, skills, ideas, approaches do you want to explore in the year ahead?’

‘What do you want your portfolio to look like at the end of the year?’

‘One key ambition for your studies this year’

I actually had to think for a while about the thing that I am most proud of achieving last year because I personally struggled a bit with the projects as they weren’t something I would usually do. However as I have to pick something I would say that from the creative side of the course I am most proud of my animation project. That is mainly because I found that project more stressful and harder than the other projects, but at the end of the year I actually achieved a good grade for it. I guess all the stress helped me to research more and work harder. Also, what I am really proud of achieving is my CCS end of year grade because I did not think I would get a 2:1!

I think that the one thing i need to improve this time around is my attendance and focus during studio time. I had a few health issues last year and wasn’t able to be in as much as I should so that definitely is my main priority.

There isn’t anything specific that I want to explore this year because to be honest, I would love to do everything and learn as much as I can. I restricted myself a lot last year and stayed on the illustration side of the course and I think that held me back.

I really wants to create a portfolio that has a variety of different techniques and shows how many different things I can offer. Whether its drawing, painting, digital work or publishing.

I think one key ambition for my studies this year is to keep everything up to date. Last year I tried to do the work as it was set and although i didn’t mange to do it 100% it definitely helped me as the year came to an end because most of my projects were completed and needed just a little updating.


Visual Words: Placards

In order to see what my placards look like in the situation of a protest. I decided to play around with the designs using photoshop. I created 2 different images that show my designs in that situation.


I Think the designs are quite strong and attention grabbing which is exactly what I was aiming for.