Visual Words: Placards

In order to see what my placards look like in the situation of a protest. I decided to play around with the designs using photoshop. I created 2 different images that show my designs in that situation.


I Think the designs are quite strong and attention grabbing which is exactly what I was aiming for.

Visual Words: Placards development/improvements

This project was a very challenging but at the same time very educational one. Typography is not something I usually do, in fact, I try to avoid it as much as possible because I don’t think it’s something I’m good at. This project, however, taught me that type can be as fun to create as any other form of visual communication.

I have created 3 placards that aim at everybody and I believe motivate and inspire people to make things happen. 

For my first placard, I decided to make something that simply states MAKE IT HAPPEN. I think this slogan is a very good and simple was to inspire people to make their dreams come true. Anyone can take it personally and apply it to anything that is happening in their life at the time. IMG_0756I wanted to use these specific colours because I was determined to create the type in yellow.I think that this was a good choice because yellow is a happy and bright colour. At first I was going to leave it on a while background, however, the type didn’t stand out enough. This made me think about opposite colours which I actually decided to apply into all 3 placards.

The next placard reads AIM FOR EQUALITY. I created this slogan because I was inspired by all the things we hear about on the news. The world is in a very bad and unstable place right now where race/religion equality is something we should all aim towards.IMG_0761

I created the type in red in order to represent the pain that is currently being spread around the world. I put it against a blue background which represents hope.

The final design reads ACT TODAY FOR A BETTER TOMORROW. At first, I wanted to include the globe in this design but after further experimentation and research, I decided to focus on one particular part of the world which is mostly affected by war at the moment. IMG_0760

The idea behind this design is the war affecting Syria. The type is designed in a shape of the Syrian map in order to represent it without using any images. I used the colour green to create the typeface, which represents earth. The background was chosen in order to make the text stand out and show that there we need to be optimistic and do everything we can to make tomorrow a better day. IMG_0759

Visual words: crit

Today’s studio time was fully dedicated to finishing up our placards and getting feedback on the work we’ve done so far for this project. 

I’ve got a lot of good and really useful feedback which I am going to apply to my work 100%. My placards were a good example of what I was trying to say, but the way I created them was not as effective as I was hoping. However, thanks to this crit session with Kim and Kieron I now know how to create a placard that will motivate and inspire. 

Visual words: typography letterforms workshop

During this workshop we had a mini lecture on how to use typefaces that appropriately represent the text. Although it is an obvious thing that some typefaces don’t suit certain texts, the lecture was still very interesting and educational. 

In the second part of the workshop we were asked to work on a word that we were assigned, using masking tape to create the typeface. The idea behind this exercise was to represent the word using type. The word I was assigned was natural and honestly, I struggled a lot with it as that probably was the hardest out of all the words the class was given. However, despite not really knowing what to do with the tape, I worked with it and came up with a typeface that in some way represents the word natural. I decided to create letterforms using one strip of type that I arranged in a way that looked like the letters were formed naturally. It might not be the best outcome but this was a really quick exercise that allowed us to understand typefaces and their purpose better. 

Visual words: Letterforms 

During this workshop we were asked to work out letterforms that would be suitable for the slogans that will go on our final placards. We were able to work on a typeface using a grid which was a really good exercise. Overall I found this workshop very helpful with this project because it helped me to understand how letterforms work a little more than before. 

100 projects

This project has left me very confused. It’s meant to be a quick 2 minute drawing per question but as I attempted to do each one my mind went empty. Even though I struggled a little with this project, I still enjoyed it because it allowed me to create quick, none detailed drawings that still somehow tell a story. The drawings aren’t perfect, in fact I hate most of them because I feel like the whole project was a mess. However, I still think that this was a good exercise and hope that if I do it again, I’ll get better at it. 

Sound, Set & Action: pixelation workshop 

I found this workshop very useful. It showed us that we can create a quick, stop motion animation using literally anything in the room. We got to practice art direction as well as photography which was a good way of refreshing the information that we learned earlier during the year. Also, we got to work in groups, I was working with a couple of people that I didn’t have a chance to work with before and I’m really happy with how we organised everything and got along really well. I think it’s very helpful to work in groups with people that want to learn and connect with others to create amazing pieces of work. 

Sound, Set & Action; typography experimenting

After a lot of thought and experimenting with illustration for this project, I decided to focus my animation around type. At first, I really wanted to work with drawing and make the character move. However, after many experiments and a few short animations, I realised that the way I wanted to go wouldn’t work well for this project.


I experimented with a number of different typefaces in order to see which one would be good for the final animation.

Firstly, I chose 4 different typefaces and used them to see wich one suited the title of the song I chose the most. I think that all 4 of these typefaces work quite well with the song. However, I wanted to experiment with type even more, therefore, I decided to create my own typeface. I chose to create a bold, strong and at the same time sample typeface where I also included shapes in some of the letters to promote the idea of what the song is about. However, after working with this typeface for a while and creating different layouts, I realised that this is not the typeface that I want to use in my final animation. This is mainly because I feel like the animation should be created using a simpler and more handwritten typeface, that will portray the idea of the song being written especially for the person it is about. Therefore, I decided to use my handwriting but also combine it with a typeface used on the cover of the album the song is from. 83